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About Us


My name is Teresa Martin and I am the owner and operator of Texas T Auctions. I welcome you to our auction web site and hope you enjoy the experience we offer, not only to Texas, but to all our friends in the United States of America. I have been around a while ;-) and have grown up and worked in the antiques market most of my life. So, if you ever want to call and chat about an item you have or if you're a collector of specific items, I'd love to talk with you. Give me a call on our business line, 713-574-1053.

Texas T Auctions & Stores is a culmination of ideas, experiences and skill that has developed into this online website bringing the opportunity to participate in online auctions & stores or even post a classified ad.

So whether you are an individual, estate sale company or a business of any kind looking to liquidate inventory, it can all be completed right here on Texas T Auctions.

Questions??? Give us a call at 713-574-1053 or send us an email at info@texastauctions.com

Remember, if it doesn't have the "T" it's not Texas T Auctions and Stores.

Sincerely, Teresa Martin