Terms & Conditions


The following terms and conditions represent all terms and conditions of Texas T Enterprises, LLC and its subsidiary websites and herein referred to as Texas T and the Bidder herein referred to as Customer.


Texas T is intended to be a friendly, enjoyable and useful experience, but as with anything concerning any kind of transactions there are risks involved and we strongly advise the Customer to understand all of these terms before submitting a bid on any auction item.

Online bidding is a wonderful convenience to finding exceptional and unique items with an online auction bidding feature. Because the internet presentation and connectivity to these online auctions are beyond our control, Texas T cannot be held responsible for responsiveness of data transfer of poor, slow or no connectivity to an online auction.

Texas T shall not be responsible for any items sold through the online auction site or any damage to items during shipping or during the preview period.



CASH ONLY ON $25 OR LESS PURCHASES - Pick Ups will be available on Friday, 6/14/19 and Saturday, 6/15/19. After paying invoice - call 713-574-1053 by 5 pm on Monday 5/20/19 to schedule pick up time/day. There are no guarantees that you will be able to schedule a pick up, if you do not pay your invoice and call by 5 pm Monday 5/20/19. If a customer shows up and we determine safety issues or potential property damage because of insufficient equipment or labor, the Customer will not be allowed to remove item(s). Customer maintains the responsibility for a safe and unobtrusive removal of items and the supply of enough labor and tools to safely remove an item(s).



Texas T assumes no liability for the content of the auction listings.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to inspect an item(s) to the Customer’s satisfaction as to the description, condition, markings and authenticity or any review the Customer may need to have about item(s) prior to bidding. 

We make our previews available by calling 713-574-1053 and making an appointment from our available schedule. We encourage all Customers to call and schedule a preview of any item(s). No bids can be retracted when a Customer has already bid on an item prior to a preview. Items listed are subject to additions and or deletions prior to the online auction closing at the discretion of Texas T.


Online lots have a "Soft Close" meaning if you place a bid within the last few seconds of the lot closing time, the lot will reset itself to 59 seconds. This feature prevents bid sniping.

There is no guarantee or warranty that comes with any online auction item.

Items are sold as-is where-is with no warranty or guarantee. 

Texas T assumes no liability for the content of the auction listings.

Closing bids are FINAL and Customer agrees that their final closing highest bids are legal sales transactions.


After auction closing, the Customer will receive an emailed invoice with a payment link and pick up information to the *email address on their TexasTAuctions.com account.

*It is the Customer's responsibility to know and confirm this is a working and accurately entered email account on their TexasTAuctions.com account, this also includes a working and valid phone number and mail receipt address.

This invoice may or may not include shipping & handling or any other charges which may be invoiced on an additional invoice to the Customer before item(s) are released and/or shipped to customer.

Any Credit Card Chargeback, for any reason, will result in a 35% (of the closing bid + premium) item(s) restocking charge.

Customer will receive and accept phone calls from Texas T (713-574-1053).

We do not accept personal or business checks.


For those residing in the state of Texas, your invoice will have Texas sales tax in the amount of 8.25% added to total amount due. 

If buyer is a business exempt from Texas sales tax, the Buyer must present Texas T with a completed and signed Texas Resale Tax form (Texas T does not supply these forms).


There is NO Buyer's Premium.


Upon close of online estate auction Customer must call within three (3) days 713-574-1053 to schedule pick up in our available time and date offerings and remove purchased items within those three (3) days of online auction close or incur daily storage fees beyond these three (3) days. (As an example: If online estate auction closes on Wednesday, Saturday would be last day for pick up).

Texas T Staff DOES NOT provide Customer with packing or loading help, packing supplies, tools or equipment for removal and loading of Customer’s item(s).

Customer must supply their own packing supplies, tools, equipment and/or moving labor during their assigned pick up time. Customer retains responsibility for a safe and unobtrusive removal of items. During the pick up of items, the Customer is responsible for any damages to item(s) or property.

Texas T Staff DOES NOT provide Customer with packing or loading help, packing supplies, tools or equipment for removal and loading of Customer’s item(s).


After close of auction, Customer’s must call 713-574-1053 within three (3) days and schedule an available pick up time to avoid storage fees. Item(s) not picked up will be charged a storage fee of $1 (one dollar) per lot number, per day. 



We offer in-house shipping on items unless the description states: "PICK UP ONLY." 

When a Customer chooses to have their items shipped, the Customer must first pay their auction item invoice and after payment has been received, items will be packaged and weighed for shipment. Customer will then receive a Shipping Invoice that includes all shipping/handling charges and if requested by Customer, insurance.

Shipping Customers must pay this invoice within three days of the original email send date. 

When shipping invoice is paid, the Customer’s item(s) will then be processed and shipped with a tracking number emailed to Customer. 

Rights To Suspend or Terminate

You agree that this web-site, in its own discretion, may terminate the use of the service immediately and without notice if 

(a) We believe that you are not abiding by the general rules of this web-site 

(b) You have repeatedly broken a term or policy.


All item(s) not picked up or shipped with all accrued charges paid, within thirty (30) days of online auction close, will become the property of Texas T with no refunds of any monies paid and no further access to item(s). Texas T reserves the right to use all collection processes available federally or in the Great State of Texas for outstanding balances due.

PLEASE NOTE: Customer risks losing item(s) if they do not complete payment of emailed invoice within three days of email sent date and will start incurring storage fees as outlined in STORAGE. *As stated in the END OF AUCTION section, it is the responsibility of the Customer to maintain an accurately entered and working email address and phone number in their TexasTAuctions.com account.

If Customer does not pay shipping invoice and all incurred charges review ABANDONED ITEMS.